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Pageant (Off-Broadway)

Meet the VERY Wacky Contestants in a Very Unusual "Pageant."

Beyond Broadway: Meet the New, Nude Stars of "Naked Boys Singing" Off-Broadway.

Oklahoma (Goodspeed)

La Cage Aux Folles (Goodspeed)



The Producers - American Stage

“Perhaps the best in the cast... is Alex Ringler as Carmen Ghia, Roger's Boy Friday. He embraces all of the character's silliness, his sashaying demeanor, the proud queenliness, and his hissing of each s-sound. If water could walk, it would look like his entrance onstage. And every move of his gets a laugh, including a simple exit that turns into an arabesque. He's as good as any Carmen Ghia I've seen, even the great Roger Bart who originated the role on Broadway.”

- Peter Nason (Broadway World)


The Marvelous Wonderettes - Off-Broadway

" girl group choreography by Alex Ringler."

- Samuel M. Leiter (The Broadway Blog)

"The choreography was nicely done."

-Suzanna Bowling (Times Square Chronicles)

“Their choreography, by Alex Ringler, gives them plenty to work with too – the dancing, prancing, hand jives and synchronized backup-girl moves are delightful and right on the money."

- Marilyn Lester (Theater Pizzazz)

“The women ... dance, perfectly synchronized, to the choreography of Alex Ringler. The well-rehearsed moves work beautifully as the women swirl in their jelly-bean-colored prom dresses, created by Bobby Pearce. All the chiffon and crinoline in rhythm with the music makes an audience sway and bask in the joy of more innocent times.”

- Deborah Anderson (Offline/Online)


Pageant - Off-Broadway

"Alex Ringler has an impressive high-kicking Western number (those gams!)..."

- Jason Clark (Entertainment Weekly)

"Statuesque Miss Texas (big butch Alex Ringler) does a show-stopping tap dance!"

- Rex Reed (The New York Observer)

"As Miss Texas, Alex Ringler has the high cheek bones, and even higher self-esteem of a genuine beauty queen."

- Zachary Stewart (Theater Mania)

"The Amazonian if incredibly flexible Alex Ringler... nails the fierce determination and killer instinct of Miss Texas."

- Brian Scott Lipton (CitiTourNY)

"Ringler's literal Miss Texas (minus a little muscle tone he could blend into any females-only pageant and wind up at least a finalist)..."


"Alex Ringler is engaging as the statuesque, big-boned Miss Texas... a tap-dancing, jump-roping, sharp-shooting Annie Oakley."

- Joseph Cervelli (

"Standouts are the tap specialty delivered by Miss Texas (Alex Ringler)..."



Surf - Las Vegas

"Bad boy Rip (Alex Ringler) plays his part to perfection with the swagger and rock hard abs that had the ladies in the audience cheering."

- Las Vegas Magazine Blog

"Rip Turner (an amusingly brutish Alex Ringler)..."

- Carol Cling (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

"Alex Ringler... did an incredible performance to the classic hit Help Me, Rhonda."



A Chorus Line - First National Tour

"...providing ripe comic moments (was) Alex Ringler who can strike a sexy and comic pose with a glance and a derriere."

- Lewis Whittington (EDGE Philadelphia)

"Ringler was a pure delight as Greg."

- Kimberly Garrison (Philadelphia Daily News)

"Also memorable was Alex Ringler as the feroosh and fabulous Gregory Gardner."

- Catey Sullivan (Chicago Examiner)


ICONS - Provincetown

"Special attention must also be paid to... Alex Ringler, the choreographer, who actually improves on the (let's face it: often spastic) dances from (the) videos."

- Steve Weinstein (EDGE New York)

"Ringler, who also acts as a Cabaret-esque emcee for the evening, restaged the choreography of some of the top pop performers with precise timing hitting all the iconic movements with grace and power, giving 'Single Ladies' and 'Born This Way" their own distinctive flair.  Ringler... adds a welcome element of dance into the Provincetown performance scene."

- Steve Desroche (Provincetown Magazine)