I was completely overwhelmed with the generosity I witnessed on my page and overall with the fundraising this year.  Now more than ever, with health care in this country in limbo, it’s important that those who can help others, do so. So as an extra thanks, here’s a shout out to all of my generous donors this year...

Danny Laraway

Micahel Libonati

Frank Rizzo

Nick Helmick

Scott Pedvis

Terry Pizzi (in memory of George Williams)

Ann Connolly (dedicated to those fallen in the Castro in the 80’s)

Doug Ringler

Sarah Kader

Anna Kaltenbach

Jeff and Chris Hietikko-Parsons

David Traitel

Patricia Ringler

Todd Lamb

Hannah Ringler

Lloyd Davis Jr.

Nancy Krause

Terri Pizzi (AGAIN!)

Jim Porcarelli

Sam Crowl

Katie Iverson

Amy Dinet

Peter Borzotta

Liz Hobson

Scott Starrett

Lisa Hobson

Robin Iverson

Holly Nipperus

Michael Riley

Paul Hallowell

Brian Nickel

Leslie Ringler

Christopher Violett

Aaron Berger

Paul Podlucky

Sue and Gary Ringler

Paul Greene

Clay Petre

Kelly Dailey

Robert Guthrie

Javier Morgado

Shane Ewen

Stacie Schroeder

Frank Conway

Shireen Hatami

Spencer Howard

Thanks to you all, my page raised a total of $4,536 this year. The Strip-A-Thon raised $698,465.59 overall. And Broadway Bares raised a total of $1.568,114. All of that money goes to help those in need.  I love being a part of this every year because it reminds me that if we all help out, we can reach greater heights. Corny, but true.